Saturday, March 1, 2008

Who knew Hanna Anderson had cute *mom* clothes?!

My friend Lisa encoraged me to go through the Hanna Anderson catelogs today looking for bargains. HA is really not my style. I dont think I would dress my daughter in their stuff. If I want overpriced frufru I'll head over to Gymboree. They have ok stuff for boys but nothing I want to rush out and grab up. So imagine my shock this morning as I was thumbing through their website looking for deals when I saw these two cute *mom* outfits. (they have a whole section dedicated to women including matchy-matchy stuff for mom and daughter, but only these 2 struck me as cute)

*love* this skirt

infact I love it so much I may go out to the fabric store and see if I can get some brown corduroy and make my own skirt. Perhaps I'll get enough so that Sassy Pants and I can *match*!! (I figured out why I like it so much, Sassy Pants has something very similar to that from The Childrens Place in red)

The shirt does nothing for me (especially paired with that skirt) and the boots...eeeh....I dont like them with that skirt or shirt lol Now the little girls shirt is darling!

Then I found this dress

*love* this shirt dress. Umm...those clogs make me want to *gag* though. (ew!)
I think I need a shirt dress...hmm...

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1lilgirl said...

What r the prices on these?