Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday-look I even have cute hair!

oh good greif, didnt I get dressed this week? I know I must have- I was seen in public everyday...
oh well, here's what I'm wearing today:

-one of those under $4 kohls tops (not maternity believe it or not)
-non maternity jeans
-black ballet flats (not pictured)

and my 23w bump

Check out mah cute hairz!! Ok I was bored and decided regular stupid ponytail was...well stupid and borring so I twisted some hair around the ponytail holder and pinned it in place... and yeah, if I twist my hair around my finger it totally looks like that...LOVE my naturally curly hair! (well...sometimes...!)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


NOTHING maternity today!!

-black top
-blue old navy layering tank
-levis jeans
-fuzzy boots
-3/4 sleeve jean jacket not pictured
(its a chilly 60 degrees here today!)

and my 22w bump NOT in maternity jeans! HEE HEE!
Weird, huh?! I've only gained 6lbs so far so I'm thinking its all baby...these jeans USED to be tight around my belly and buns though, so I dont get it!

Monday, December 1, 2008

would you try to fix this?

my dad gave me this vintage levis jacket this weekend...NICE- right?

one problem...

the sleeve was eaten alive by battrey acid over 3 decades ago (dont ask me why he kept it...I dunno)

I can patch that up- right? Maybe? Without it looking totally stupid??


-black liz lange for target $3ish tee
-old navy maternity cargo capris (thanks Grace!)

and my 22w bump!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Today's outfit:

-Star Top
-blank tank top (freepile!)
-maternity jeans

and my 22w belly!

Friday, November 28, 2008


Today we're doing turkey day with my fam- here's what I wore:

$3.60 non maternity top- Daisy Fuentes a la Kohls
hot jeans again
ballet flats (wow, I'm getting a lot of miles out of those!)
look you can see my outie sticking out! lol

and my 22w belly! (ew and a fatroll on my back)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day!

Here's my Turkey Day outfit for dinner with Hubs' fam!

my $3.75 liz lange for target top, my "hot" non maternity jeans, and ballet flats
and my 21w belly

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday- $1.80 top!

Another one of my Kohls scores! This maternity top was $1.80!
I paired it with a pair of liz lange for target shorts and black ballet flats.
Looks like I can wear this shirt for a long time!!

Side view of my 20w bump!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday again...I changed into my $1.35 top

my $1.35 kohls score :)
Its not maternity, so when I outgrow it, I can stash it in the closet to wear after the baby :)

and the 20w bump!

Wednesday-new shirt!

My mom and I hit Khols yesterday and for just under $20, I ended up with 5 tops and a dress!!
Their clearence is awesome right now, 25% off the yellow ticket mark down price! (I got a top for $1.35!)

here's one of the tops- this was the most expensive one at $8.20

its paired with a pair of old navy maternity pants and ballet flats :)
I have a lot of wear left in this top! Thank goodness because I have just over 19w to go!
And for the bumpwatchers...there you go but you can't really see anything in this uberflowy top..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


-Black(ish) motherhood jeans
-white motherhood cami
-non maternity calvin klein sweater (freeplile!)

and the bump...and Scooty's hand

Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday- and another home made bella band

This time I used a regular t-shirt with a bit of streach to it...cut it off right at the arm pits.

see how nicely it covers up my crack and the too low ugly maternity waist band?

Today's outfit:

- old navy tank
-home made bella band
-whatever jeans I had on half the day yesterday
-fuzzy boots from my sister (I'm changing those, its too hot)

19w today!

**RAVE**!! Lee Jeans NO gap Waistband! (double post)

I dont know about anyone else, but at this house we have ISSUES finding jeans that fit right.

Sassy pants and I are both carrying a little big of junk in our trunks, but are slim pretty much everywhere else. Thats where buying jeans is literally a pain in the behind.

Usually the problem is "gap-osis", where there's a 2+ inch gap between the back of the pants/jeans and your back. And then your underpants show. PROBLEM. Not only is it completely unflattering (and who wants to see what underpants you're wearing, right?) but its also really uncomfortable! Until now.

Last night at kohls, grandma sent Sassy into the fitting room with 14 pairs of jeans. (I kid you not). The 4th pair of jeans Sassy tried on was a pair of Lee girls streach jeans with a "NO GAP WAISTBAND" and you know what? THEY FIT PERFECT! No "gap-osis", no "hitch up your pants-dance" to keep them up...we were in LOVE.Come to find out after googling....Lee makes an ENTIRE LINE of these not only for little girls (in slim sizes too!), but for ladies too! Guess what my first pair of post baby jeans I'm purchasing are going to be? guessed it! And whats better than finding a fantastic fitting pair of jeans? Knowing that they're reasonably priced!! I think Sassy Pants new jeans were around $11! (on sale, with a 20% off coupon)

THANK YOU LEE for making a pair of jeans that cover our booties!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday-made my own bella band

hey look, Ive started dressing myself again lol
Truth be told morning sickness is still getting the best of me most days, so I havent been feeling well enough to post, but *most* days I get dressed, and sometimes I even wear cute stuff! I promise!

Here's today's outfit. I made this "bella band" myself, mostly because I have a long torso and have "pants issues"- no matter how long my shirt is, the ugly elastic maternity pants shows. And sometimes my crack shows. So as an apology to anyone who has to stand or walk behind me, I'm going to try to wear these as often as possible.

-black old navy tank
-maternity jeans from sears I think
-home made "bella band"
here's my 18w, 6d belly

I am modeling my "bella band". What the heck is that?! Its a camisol that I cut the straps off of and shoved down around my belly and over my "crack". Hey- it works! And its pretty comfy too! I left the built in bra in- the elastic helps it no slip down all weird...
camisole before....

and after.... that should help for a while- right? 21w, 1 day to go! I'm almost halfway there!

Friday, October 10, 2008


-cheap red kohls top
-hot jeans...again...
- *not pictured* flip flops

and for my bump watchers...
had a drs visit today...heard the heartbeat, got weighed...I havent gained a single pound yet! I sure have a little bit of a belly going though!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday- finally well!

I think I'm finally over that stupid cold! And hey look- I got dressed today! Not much of a choice though...I have to take one of the boys to the dr to have his broken collarbone xrayed...

today's outfit:
-$4 orange old navy ribbed tank
-*hot* jeans (target, like $11)
-payless knock off shoes...

and for the bumpwatchers...

Monday, September 29, 2008


I'm still amazed that I got out of bed and got dressed today. I didnt yesterday. This cold I have is kicking my behind! Dont be shocked if I dont blog about getting dressed tomorrow. My kids have a pupil free day tomorrow and I have 0 plans to go anywhere!

-some ancient old navy ribbed tank top
-my favorite skirt gifted to me by my friend Grace

a side view of the bump for the bumpwatchers
either the bump is smaller or this outfit is totally slimming...

Friday, September 26, 2008


-Liz Lange for Target maternity shorts (I dunno, old...under $5 I'm sure)
-green star baby doll top from Mervyns ($5)
-pleated tank from target- eons old

and a side view for the bumb watchers
not as obvious in that top, huh?!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Here's today's outfit:

-old navy long rib knit tank ($4!)
-board shorts (reversable) FREE!

and a side view for the bump watchers...enjoy!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I did it, I GOT DRESSED! and heck I even blogged about it!

Dear Readers who have long forgotten about me....

I have to apologize for letting life take over and not allowing me to blog.
I have lots of excuses, I just wont be sharing them. Ok maybe one, because it'll change the tone of my blog.

I have an announcement to make, readers. But since I cant find the words to express myself, I'll do it in a photo.
THIS is why I haven't been blogging.

please tell me you can see my can see that, right??

So my dear readers, my excuse is I haven't been feeling well enough to blog. Exhaustion, and nausea have kept me from making myself presentable, let alone feeling well enough to take a picture and show of the atrocious outfit I've concocted...(I am sad to admit that most days I look like I rolled out of bed...and yeah I think my children are embarrassed to be seen with me when I pick them up at school)

And now I have a new challenge...not to dress the body of a mom of 4...but for the next 6mo, to dress the body of a 20 something mom expecting her 5th child! YIKES!
Here is yesterday's attempt:
-brand new old navy long rib knit tank (got them back when they had their $4 sale! I got 4!)
-brown peasant skirt, result of a trade with my sister
I haven't gotten dressed yet today...if you're lucky maybe I'll get dressed and blog about it lol

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Payless BOGO1/2 sale!

if you live in CA and shop at VONS, check your register coupons- I got a 20% off coupon saturday!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

...gave my sister a makeover today!

my sister popped over for an hour this morning before she headed out to a museum with her friend for the afternoon....

she showed up wearing this:

(she'd just come from an art class...cute for art class!)
and then changed into black dress pants with that black t-shirt and tied the belt from the shorts around. I wanted to poke my eyes out when she asked me how I thought it looked, so I went into my closet and loaned her my favorite yellow top.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008

HUGE Bath and Body Works sale!

click on THIS to see the ad!

the great hair debate

I've been at a crossroads with my hair for months now.
Too long to really do anything with in this heat, but not ready to chop it off and donate it to locks of love. Remember this post back in June?

The last few days its been driving me crazy. I had it in a ponytail the other night when I was trying to sleep and I woke up with my hair trying to suffocate me- wrapped over my face and neck....and I happened to be dreaming about being attacked by an octopus! lol

Yesterday I had my sister come over and "trim" it- when it was all said and done- 5 inches later, it doesnt LOOK any different, but boy it sure feels good to have some of that length gone! You know what's sad? My husband couldnt even tell that I'd cut it. He took 1 look at it and said "are you SURE you cut 5 inches off?" Ummm....YEAH. Same with 3 of my neighbors!

Wanna know how we trimmed it? She had me wet it down, bend over, put a rubber band at the spot I wanted to chop it off and cut at the rubber band. Then she trimmed it straight accross to even things out while I was still leaning over. Then she had me stand up and flip it onto my back and voila- all these beautiful layers!

Monday, July 28, 2008

new shoes!

I know...I know! I know what you're going to say!


this is what I was thinking...
seriously. Hey at least they're pink!
I dont dare admit where I got these...surely I'll be reported...
ok....the 12yo next door outgrew them (they're almost new) and gave them to me...
SHAME! lol
They're cute!