Friday, March 28, 2008

Thursday, Park Day

Yesterday we went to the park. My sister is visiting from school this week (spring break) so she tagged along and took these photos. So insted of the traditional "show off my outfit" photos, here are these as a rare treat. My kids too!

Me and Scooty Pants looking at the ducks and geese.
My outfit consists of:
  • cropped Ross pants
  • pink babydoll top
  • pleated white tank
  • pink prima croc

Scooty Pants outfit:

  • hand me down Nike romper
  • robeez knock-offs (target)

Bossy, Clowny and Sassy pants feeding the ducks...

Bossy Pants outfit:
  • dino tee (mervyns...cheep)
  • target drawstring cargo shorts (cheep)
  • some worn out target sneakers

Clowny Pants outfit:

  • hand me down shirt
  • hand me down shorts
  • target sneakers ($3.74)

Sassy Pants outfit:

  • hand me down unicorn t-shirt (love this shirt and the person that gave it to us gave us one in the size up too!)
  • hair ribbon (25c in the 75% off $1 bin at target)
  • capri pants (cheep)
  • newish sneaks we bought bogo1/2 at payless :)

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Kari said...

Love it!! The kids are adorable!! :D