Friday, March 28, 2008

I love the "shop by outfit" feature at Old Navy

because you can really see how things "should" be put together. Some of thier stuff is actually really cute! Like this outfit!

too bad I dont care for the rest of the outfits...blah...

but I love that they've jumped on the "please dont wear pj pants or sweats in public" bandwagon by promoting these velour hoodie and pants sets...(these still scream "I'm lazy and dont care how I look!")

Nope...dont own one of these lol

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Kari said...

Hey!! "I'm lazy and don't care how I look!!!" Of course, that's at home or when I'm too tired to get dressed just to run out for a pharmacy item or something that will take me all of 5 minutes from the moment I get out of the van to the moment I get back in after grabbing it and paying!! lol