Wednesday, March 26, 2008


You know what I dont even like dresses. I dont like to wear them. Why am I blogging about dresses so much lately?!


I found this dress in an email I got from banana republic yesterday and instantly fell in love with it

Maybe cause its brown and I'm totally obessed with brown...(Sassy Pants got a new brown summer dress last week...$12 @ Mervyns...way cute! Thanks Grandma!)
As much as I like this dress, I dont like it enough to run out and buy it. Not for $130 anyway! Eeek!


Kari said...

Ooooooooohhhhh... It would look so good on you too!!!

Rebecca said...

Oh, I lurve Banana Republic....but I can not afford them. Not even close.

I'm ecstatic because I found this cute dress at Goodwill for $4 (they get Target clearance stuff)...I got one in this pattern and one in a charcoal and white stripe after trying it on!