Tuesday, March 25, 2008

to Diaper Bag or to NOT Diaper Bag? THAT is the question....

I have 4 kids ranging from age 7, to age 1.
I DO NOT CARRY A DIAPER BAG. Not anymore anyway. Once my baby got past the "blowout" and "barfallovermyself" stage I quit lugging it around. I've had 3 since Scooty Pants was born. The first one bit the dust within the first 3 months of owning it. The 2nd one has the same problem. I had to dig out a 3rd diaper bag by the time my baby was 6 months old. Thats just sad.
I dont like them.
I keep one in the car however. A few, actually.

  • a little daypacker backpack filled with stuff to keep the baby busy if we got somewhere, like church or the doctor's office. It has snacks and diapers in it too.
  • "the mega bag" (and I'm not real sure why...I dont take it anywhere) but it has stuff like benedryl, my huge fold out changing mat, spare clothes for the baby and other stuff. The big one gets toted along with my youngest two to the babysitter's one afternoon a week for an hour. It seriously is HUGE. Its cube shaped and not really good for anything but sitting in the car. Stupid me, I gifted an identical one to my bestfriend when her 5th baby was born. What was I thinking?! It has 8+ pockets. Thats what I was thinking...I love pockets..
  • the "big black bag" which has 4 sweatshirts and a change of clothes for my 5yo. This one rarely sees the light of day and my husband likes to complain about it being in the back of my expedition but you know what, I use it!

I carry a purse most everywhere, I go and I dont want to lug along a big o bulky diaper bag too. When I was a stay at home mom I had a diaper bag that I carried everywhere. No purse. My wallet and all my "stuff" was in the diaper bag.

Do I *really need* to carry a diaper bag too?

And why the heck am I asking anyway?? I'm thinking about downsizing my mega bag to a messanger bag. I'm not sure either would work with my everyday stroller (a maclaren volo- courtasy of the target baby clearence a few months back), but I'm thinking smaller is better.

Hmm...maybe the lack of a big ugly diaper bag is why people still ask me if I'm the NANNY and are shocked when I say I'm the mommy....

So, my lovely readers...if you made it this far....do YOU carry a diaper bag? What do you have?? Do you like it?


-Bridget said...

I am a no diaper bag mama and I have a three month old and a 22 month old. I carry a purse, put in a few essentials, leave the rest of the stuff in the car if I need it.

But I do have to admit, the cake collection from Petunia Picklebottom almost got me to diaper bag carrying status. But it doesn't really look like one, right?

the driftwood collector said...

I stopped carrying the diaper bag a few months ago. Each child now has a pint-sized backpack, and baby boy's has diaper-related supplies in it. I have a few extra items in the car if needed. I also have supplies (diapers, wipes, extra clothes, cups, etc) at family members' houses so I don't need to bring those things when we visit. By the time I retired the Lands End backpack diaper bag after more than three years of service, I was glad to see it go. It always made my back get sweaty when I wore it in warm weather...

Kari said...

Well, I love the "mega bag" you gave me... thanks!! lol.

However, mine usually stays in the car if we are running errands. I do, however, take in the diaper and wipes pouch in to Target and such just in case.

I also have 3 bags... the big bag holds all of my little girl's stuff (diapers, wipes, blankets, toys, burpie, changes of clothes, lotion) and my stuff (hand sanitizer, pen and notepad, keys, a clean shirt since she is still in the spit up half of everything she eats stage, hair elastics, breast pads, pump and pump wipes) and then some stuff for the olders in the event of an accident or spill or just plain boredom. Snacks as well. We also have the one that stays in the van that has diapers for my 2 yr old and changes of clothes for him as well as entertainment for longer trips. And the 3rd is, I guess, the snack bag. Be put juice and baggies of snacks in it. That one stays in the van until it gets low on supplies and then it comes in just to be filled back up and goes right back out.