Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday! New Dress!

this cute dress is a treasure from my sister. She got it from her friend Gabby who's amazing at finding wonderful treasures in thrift stores. (incidentally I paired it with a cashmere sweater that I found at a thrift store a good 10 years ago)

I wore it with my $10 brown shoes.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

What to pair with this lime green top?

This picture really doesnt do it any justice- the top is beautiful!

My sister gave me this really fantastic flowy top last night (it was gifted to her from her friend Gabby...thanks you two!) and I have *no* idea what to wear with it.

I'm open for suggestions!

Its just sort of BLAH with the jeans. More blah without a sweater. (cant wear it to church or work without a sweater or something under it) I love how slimming it is though!


  • green cargo skirt (garage sale freebie)
  • two old navy tanks- layered (pink- free. Black $5)

Friday, March 28, 2008

diaper bags revisited

I still hate diaper bags, but after much thought I've changed the diaper bag situation.

I dumped the mega bag out on the living room floor and re-sorted everything into my yakpak messanger bag. I actually sort of like the messanger bag because I can hang it on the back of my stroller and as long as its fairly empty or the baby is in the stroller, it doesnt tip the stroller over.

The mega bag has been re-assigned to the house and is now filled with toys and sits in my living room. Scooty Pants likes to dump it out and re-fill it. And the other kids like to hide toys in the pockets for him to find.

Dont be shocked if we re-visit diaper bags in a few months...I go through cycles with them! lol

I love the "shop by outfit" feature at Old Navy

because you can really see how things "should" be put together. Some of thier stuff is actually really cute! Like this outfit!

too bad I dont care for the rest of the outfits...blah...

but I love that they've jumped on the "please dont wear pj pants or sweats in public" bandwagon by promoting these velour hoodie and pants sets...(these still scream "I'm lazy and dont care how I look!")

Nope...dont own one of these lol

Thursday, Park Day

Yesterday we went to the park. My sister is visiting from school this week (spring break) so she tagged along and took these photos. So insted of the traditional "show off my outfit" photos, here are these as a rare treat. My kids too!

Me and Scooty Pants looking at the ducks and geese.
My outfit consists of:
  • cropped Ross pants
  • pink babydoll top
  • pleated white tank
  • pink prima croc

Scooty Pants outfit:

  • hand me down Nike romper
  • robeez knock-offs (target)

Bossy, Clowny and Sassy pants feeding the ducks...

Bossy Pants outfit:
  • dino tee (mervyns...cheep)
  • target drawstring cargo shorts (cheep)
  • some worn out target sneakers

Clowny Pants outfit:

  • hand me down shirt
  • hand me down shorts
  • target sneakers ($3.74)

Sassy Pants outfit:

  • hand me down unicorn t-shirt (love this shirt and the person that gave it to us gave us one in the size up too!)
  • hair ribbon (25c in the 75% off $1 bin at target)
  • capri pants (cheep)
  • newish sneaks we bought bogo1/2 at payless :)

Do you know a StarWars Nerd? Here's the perfect gift!

My son Bossy Pants found these yesterday on when we were browsing for Star Wars Galactic Heros ( does not carry GH figures BTW! Those are a "march into the store" item!)

I love the Yoda one...and it could totally double as a costume piece for a really awesome Luke Skywalker halloween costume...
like in Episode IV when Luke goes to Dagobah to be trained by Master Yoda himself...

(wow, did I just show off what a nerd I am or what?!)

Ahem...back to your regularly scheduled fashion blog...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Thats what I wore today. (ok I wore shoes...those brown ones) I feel so grown up in that outfit. I went out with my sister (no kids!) tonight to a bridal store to try on a bridesmaid dress (I'm back do I take back that *HOT* dress I bought to wear to the event after I'd quit being the Matron of Honor? My sister said I should keep it and wear it to church...hmm...) and figured I should look nice...
too bad every employee in the store looked like a bunch of hippies with barefeet, no bras and strappy sundresses! lol I felt so out of place!


You know what I dont even like dresses. I dont like to wear them. Why am I blogging about dresses so much lately?!


I found this dress in an email I got from banana republic yesterday and instantly fell in love with it

Maybe cause its brown and I'm totally obessed with brown...(Sassy Pants got a new brown summer dress last week...$12 @ Mervyns...way cute! Thanks Grandma!)
As much as I like this dress, I dont like it enough to run out and buy it. Not for $130 anyway! Eeek!

scooters...yay or nay?

What pray tell is a scooter?!

A scooter is a skirt with sewn in shorts under it.
They totally look like a regular skirt too.


can you tell there are shorts under there? Do those look stupid?! NAH!!

and these came from the LADIES section at those look like old lady clothes?! Amazing, huh?!

Personally, I love them. Gives you the freedom of a pair of shorts, but looks like a SKIRT.
...those are way cuter the ones I it time to update my wardrobe?? birthday is coming up in a few months, maybe this is offically on my "wishlist"...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

to Diaper Bag or to NOT Diaper Bag? THAT is the question....

I have 4 kids ranging from age 7, to age 1.
I DO NOT CARRY A DIAPER BAG. Not anymore anyway. Once my baby got past the "blowout" and "barfallovermyself" stage I quit lugging it around. I've had 3 since Scooty Pants was born. The first one bit the dust within the first 3 months of owning it. The 2nd one has the same problem. I had to dig out a 3rd diaper bag by the time my baby was 6 months old. Thats just sad.
I dont like them.
I keep one in the car however. A few, actually.

  • a little daypacker backpack filled with stuff to keep the baby busy if we got somewhere, like church or the doctor's office. It has snacks and diapers in it too.
  • "the mega bag" (and I'm not real sure why...I dont take it anywhere) but it has stuff like benedryl, my huge fold out changing mat, spare clothes for the baby and other stuff. The big one gets toted along with my youngest two to the babysitter's one afternoon a week for an hour. It seriously is HUGE. Its cube shaped and not really good for anything but sitting in the car. Stupid me, I gifted an identical one to my bestfriend when her 5th baby was born. What was I thinking?! It has 8+ pockets. Thats what I was thinking...I love pockets..
  • the "big black bag" which has 4 sweatshirts and a change of clothes for my 5yo. This one rarely sees the light of day and my husband likes to complain about it being in the back of my expedition but you know what, I use it!

I carry a purse most everywhere, I go and I dont want to lug along a big o bulky diaper bag too. When I was a stay at home mom I had a diaper bag that I carried everywhere. No purse. My wallet and all my "stuff" was in the diaper bag.

Do I *really need* to carry a diaper bag too?

And why the heck am I asking anyway?? I'm thinking about downsizing my mega bag to a messanger bag. I'm not sure either would work with my everyday stroller (a maclaren volo- courtasy of the target baby clearence a few months back), but I'm thinking smaller is better.

Hmm...maybe the lack of a big ugly diaper bag is why people still ask me if I'm the NANNY and are shocked when I say I'm the mommy....

So, my lovely readers...if you made it this YOU carry a diaper bag? What do you have?? Do you like it?

summer wish list!

What are must haves for summer?

and Victorias Secret has them ON SALE !!

these printed ones are cute too!

more summer must haves to come!

tuesday- spring break!

and I'm off work today!

  • target ultimate tee $2ish
  • unionbay shorts- kohls- I dunno, I want to say $6..well loved...
  • no shoes!

Monday, March 17, 2008

What? Empire waist shirts are OUT?!

I read that on the babycenter bargain board today. Who in the world decided those are out?!

Well neener neener neener to whoever decided that. I have 5 and I wear them all the time- so there. I'm not taking them out of my wardrobe. Heck I might even go out and buy more because I love them so very much. They hide my muffin top. They only make me look pregnant if I'm wearing "the wrong jeans" with them (low riders). They look HOT on me!


Happy St Patrick's Day!

I know..I know..its a character shirt! Its holiday appropriate though, right??
  • Luck Bear tee $5, kohls
  • sanoma jeans under $10, kohls
  • knock off chucks $20


I ditched church...cleaned my house and went grocery shopping insted. I swear there are just not enough days in the week to get everything done!
  • fuzzy boots (50% off)
  • kohls jeans, rolled up (I dunno, cheep)
  • black "ultimate tee" from Target..($2)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

oooh....more cute stuff I found while browsing!

I found these today saved to my computer....I dont know where I c&p them from or how much they were (sorry!) or even how long ago I saw them and went "ooh I like that"...but- they're still cute and I wanted to share!

these have been added to my "ooh I want this" list.

I think these were

I think these were

and I hae no clue where this one came from, but how cute would that be paired with some dark jeans??

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

black and white and denim

  • hot target jeans
  • knock off chucks
  • favorite polka dot baby doll top
  • pleated tank

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


  • pink butterfly top (I dunno, cheep at kohls..$4 maybe)
  • short pants (what are they called?? again- cheep...$6 I think...khols)
  • hot pink old navy tank for layering...(pass along from a friend)
  • croc prima's (free)

my ROSS scores!

I was on a mission today- buy a dress to wear to my sister's wedding. Shoes too if I needed them.
I started at Ross. I hate that store. Its so disorganized, and very hit or miss. Either I find nothing I like, or tons that I like. Today was a HIT day!

Not only did I find a dress to wear to the wedding, but I found a dress to wear to church too, and shoes that go with both, some killer pedal pusher pants and a really cute top! Scooty Pants was so well behaved and Clowny Pants kept telling me how every dress I tried on looked so very nice. Except the one with the big polka dots...he said I looked like Minnie Mouse in that dress! lol
Here's the dress I bought for the wedding:
and the shoes
here's the other dress I bought:
$16.99 - I can wear this one to church
Then I found these pedal pushers:
I love the button closure

and this super cute yellow top- I can wear this to work OR church!

monday's outfit

  • skirt from my sister
  • shirt from my sister
  • $10 (or was it $11, I cant remember) brown mervyns shoes

Monday, March 10, 2008

feb 29 wishlist update

I tried on those two pictured dresses at JcPenny's the other night...

in one word:

The yellow jacket with the plaid skirt-
the jacket was too short. My torso is way too long for that peticular jacket.
The skirt was fine, it was just really "cheep" looking.

the other yellow atrocity...well.. we'll just say it was terrible.

Along with the other 7 dresses I tried on in the store. Back to the drawing board with this one.
Tomorrow I plan on hitting Ross and Marshalls. Possibly Target, Kohls and TJMaxx...maybe...
Ugh. Wish me luck.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


  • star hoodie (mervyns about $5)
  • black tee with cute sleeves (about $5 a la target)
  • hot target jeans ($11)
  • shoes I bought last week
  • *not pictured above* pink tank (old navy $5)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

wednesday, warm weather!

  • Levi's Denim Skirt (kohls, $25 a few years ago)
  • pink tee with cute sleeve (Ross, $3ish)
  • pink croc primas (freepile)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

is it tuesday already?

whoops....where did the weekend go?!

anywho- here's what I'm wearing today-nothing fantabulus, just clothes. Blah.
  • cheep red kohls top
  • roxy skippers
  • st johns bay jeans

Sunday, March 2, 2008

oooh....forever 21....

While browsing the forever21 website today I found these-
I would actually wear these. A lot.

Super cute Trench- $34.80

Superstar Hoodie $10.50
Summer Pleat skirt $17.50
And then I found these...I think I'm in love...
These could *easily* be rotated into my sunday wardrobe without a hitch- and I'd probably wear them a lot more than the similar yellow outfit I found at JCPenny the other day (and never found online!) And I could split up the pieces and wear them with other things! These two are offically on my ever growing *wish* list!

Brilliant Jacket $14.50
polka dot skirt $19.80

oh and how cute is this?! I have no occasion to wear it, but its so cute I had to show it off here...