Friday, February 29, 2008

a short wishlist

I went to JcPenny's the other day manned with a list of "try these on" from my sister. (She's getting married in June and is looking for a bridesmaid dress. Unsucessfully I might add. The main problem is none of us can wear strapless and that grosely limits our selection...I digress...)

And no, I was not dressed like a pirate! lol

As I walked in the store *this* caught my eye-

SO CUTE! (and very me)

When I was browsing the dress dept looking for the dresses on my list, these caught my eye:

LOVE this one. Kicking myself for not price checking it or trying it on! Very me! I may have to go back! Ok wait- first I'll look for it on
I thought this one was cute too, but that little jacket really doesnt do anything for me.
if you can't tell- my favorite color is yellow. I love yellow.
I tried on a handful of dresses and my sister didnt like any of them. Back to the drawing board.

Blimey! Pirate week is over!

and I can go back to looking like a normal human again lol

normal posts will resume asap!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday- Pirate Week!

Its pirate week at daycare this week, so this week dont plan on seeing any kind of "normal" clothes from me!
Arg me hearties!

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Here's what I wore to church today...note I'm wearing my cute new shoes!! VERY comfy!

  • black target tee ($3ish)
  • denim jacket with 3/4 length sleeve (cheep- kohls find, 70% off rack about 3 years ago)
  • brown corduroy skirt (cheep, target find over 5 years ago)
  • new brown shoes- $10!

*new shoes*

I went shoe shopping this morning!!

I hit up the payless buy 1 get 1 1/2 off sale this morning. My daughter, SassyPants was in desperate need of sneakers that fit and I figured it wouldnt hurt to look at new boots for mommy while we were there. After all, mommy needs to keep her feet dry too, right?

Well, I didnt find any boots. Actually the guy that works at payless said boots are "out of season" (I found that pretty funny considering the sky was DUMPING down rain). I need a new pair of sneakers myself, so I picked up the $20 "chucks" knock off in addition to the shoes for SassyPants.
I used to wear *real* "chucks"- back in the day...I've had about a 10 year break and decided I miss them. (They go with everything don't ya know!) SassyPants wanted a pair in her size, but alas, they had none.

SassyPants' sneaks were $6!!

When we were done at Payless, we wandered over to Mervyns just to look. I need to start carrying my camera with me because I saw lots of "ooh I want that" items...

1/2 their shoe dept was on clearence. I bought 2 pairs. These black boots were originally priced $45 and they rung up $13.48!

and these cute whatever they are were originally priced $35 and rang up $10.48...they're not flats- they have a little bit of a heel and I LOVE THEM!! Very comfy too!

So- RUN to your nearest mervyns and cash in on the huge sale!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Its cold today!

  • same jeans I wore yesterday
  • free prima crocs
  • black target t-shirt thing with a pocket and drawstring
  • pink fleece from target- $5 I think. WARM :)

Friday, February 22, 2008


Hurray! Its FRIDAY!

  • $15 St Johns Bay jeans (JCPenny)
  • $5 pink baby doll tee (Mervyns)
  • $3 pleated tank (target)
  • $10 Roxy Skipper sneakers
  • navy blue leather peacoat (target, but it was a gift from the IL's)


  • hot $11 target jeans
  • $10 Roxy Skippers
  • $4 kohls butterfly tee

my new purse

in one word- HOT!

$7.xx through a trade....originally it came from

Mad props and a huge thanks to Alli for the trade!


Someone mentioned to me that I dont list the prices of my pieces....

Why is that anyway?
Because I dont fixate on how much $ I spent, I fixate on what % I saved haha!

I dont usually pay full price for anything, so chances are unless I list the price it was either free or nearly free. I'll try harder to remember what I paid for things and post prices...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

my days are all wonky..

sorry! Thats what I get for blogging in 2 windows! OOPS!!

Sunday and Monday

  • black skirt (from my sister)
  • black heels (target)
  • white dress shirt (target)
  • black banana republic tie sweater (garage sale)


  • random Kohls jeans
  • black striped hoodie tee
    I didn't leave the house so I dont recall wearing shoes

Friday and Saturday

  • *hot* new target jeans ($11!) (I think these are my favorite)
  • favorite cherries tee (kohls)
  • roxy skippers....the baby walked off with the other one
  • white zip up hoodie (target)


  • some random Kohls jeans
  • pink/grey sketchers

  • brown striped empire waisted tee

  • brown old navy tank

Tuesday and Wednesday


  • daisy fuentes jeans rolled up (kohls)
  • fuzzy boots (target)

  • green empire waist baby doll t (mervyns)
  • creme cami w/pleats (target)

  • kahki trench (target)


  • my new *hot* target pants ($11!)

  • supergirl (or as my 7yo daughter says "super mom") tee

  • roxy skippers...I think the baby walked off with the other one so its not in the picture

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday- Valentines Day

Its a Two Outfit day.
A what?

I have 2 part time jobs. Some mornings I babysit in my home, and every afternoon I work outside of the home at a daycare. Some days, like today, I wear "whatever" in the morning and then I "get dressed for work" later. My husband thinks its a total waste and that I shouldnt bother changing my clothes, but sometimes I like to look a little nicer, a little more professional when I'm at my real job. Plus on mornings I babysit or clean the house I like to wear clean clothes to work.

Here's my "whatever" outfit of the day:
-JcPenny St Johns Bay Jeans (cute pockets and boot cut are a must!) $15 on clearence 2 weeks ago (kicking myself for not buying a 2nd pair!)

-grey J.Crew hoodie (courtasy of my sister's school free pile)

-Merona purple t-shirt for an extra layer (75% off target find last year)

-pink "prima" crocs- I wear these a lot. (courtasy of my sister's free pile)

Here's the outfit I wore to work today:

-velvet riding jacket (thrift store find a good 10+ years ago)
-black baby doll tee (Ross clearence find!)
-creme cami w/pleats (target 75% off find)
-st johns bay jeans pictured above
-Roxy Skipper sneakers (I *HEART* these! and unfortnatly I paid a full $40 for these at Macy's)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday's Outfit:

Here's what I wore today:
-brown hoodie with cute stitching (its from Target, but I got it 2nd hand)
-pink t-shirt (kohls 80% off find ages ago)
-brown peasent skirt (trade from my sister)
-pink "prima" crocs (trade from my sister- she found it in the freeplie at her univeristy)
I got several compliments on my outfit at work today
(but a good laugh from a co-worker when I told her I was starting this blog)

and so it begins

I've been reading a lot of "this is what I wore today" type blogs but I havent found any that are quite...well to be honest "me". Some are very fashion forward. Some are quite sad (I wouldnt be caught dead in public in sweat pants). Some were pushing high end, high priced clothing. But nothing was quite....well...I'm a bargain shopper and a flaunt it!