Sunday, March 2, 2008

oooh....forever 21....

While browsing the forever21 website today I found these-
I would actually wear these. A lot.

Super cute Trench- $34.80

Superstar Hoodie $10.50
Summer Pleat skirt $17.50
And then I found these...I think I'm in love...
These could *easily* be rotated into my sunday wardrobe without a hitch- and I'd probably wear them a lot more than the similar yellow outfit I found at JCPenny the other day (and never found online!) And I could split up the pieces and wear them with other things! These two are offically on my ever growing *wish* list!

Brilliant Jacket $14.50
polka dot skirt $19.80

oh and how cute is this?! I have no occasion to wear it, but its so cute I had to show it off here...


Kari said...

Ooh! I love the white dress at the bottom and the gray jacket!! Not together though, but still cute!

1lilgirl said...

Love, love, love them!