Monday, March 17, 2008

What? Empire waist shirts are OUT?!

I read that on the babycenter bargain board today. Who in the world decided those are out?!

Well neener neener neener to whoever decided that. I have 5 and I wear them all the time- so there. I'm not taking them out of my wardrobe. Heck I might even go out and buy more because I love them so very much. They hide my muffin top. They only make me look pregnant if I'm wearing "the wrong jeans" with them (low riders). They look HOT on me!



Ashley said...

I agree! I'm so disappointed everyone thinks so! I just got 4 new ones from Gap and felt so pretty...until Mr. Ashley mentioned that they look like maternity shirts.

Waaaah! It's either the muffin top or maternity, people.

Blythe said...

I think they are really cute.. especially if they are worn right like you mentioned in your post. Where are you getting yours from because I need some BAD!

Miss V. said...

I buy mine at Kohls and Mervyns, sometimes Ross but they are EVERYWHERE! and TRY THEM ON before you buy...there are a few that are cut so they make you look fat fat fat!

Blythe said...

Thanks! I'm trying to think of all the stores we have near by because I do want to try them on first. I have huge sizing issues b/c I am under 5 feet and everything is either too short or makes me look like a cow. So frustrating!