Friday, June 12, 2009

new clothes!!

I just had a birthday, and my aunt and my mom gave me $$ and told me to spend it on new clothes...
well I just had a baby and since I didnt gain much weight, all my "fat" clothes (post Scooty, pre 10lb ish weight loss for my sister's wedding) mostly fit, but its always nice to have a few new things to get you through the summer...right?

Here are my birthday money scores:

my sister picked these out at kohls (all clearence...the tags are long gone but they were about $12 ea I think)

I love the back of this one!!

and then we found this at tjmaxx I want to say it was $14

jeans from target -$5!!! (clearence)
(and you know what, another mom at school was wearing these yesterday and they looked better on me because I have some junk in my trunk)
(a mom at school took this one of me- cute huh...HA! lol ...she's so sweet though, she said I'm the cutest mom she knows lol)
My mom and I hit Kohls last night (they had 90% off racks!)
and I got these:
these are everyday clothes

these are sunday clothes
this one I plan on wearing with the kahki skirt I bought with birthday money last year
(that I aparently never took a photo of?!)
this one I can wear with the black and white skirt above...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

PINK! (double post) I've decided that curly brown hair is over rated.
Actually I decided this when I was like 15 but I wasnt allowed to dye my hair when I lived at home, so I just put it on the back burner. I've been pregnant or growing my hair out for stuff since then (like my sister's wedding or locks of love) so brown hair was it. I was actually forbidden to do ANYTHING to my hair but wear it down for her wedding. And my boys had to cut their mohawks off.

Last summer my friend offered to "pink up" my hair. I was ALL FOR IT until I found out I was pregnant. I decided that I'd just have to wait.

Well I'm not pregnant anymore...lets pink up some hair!! Nobody takes me seriously why not have a little fun??!!

Sunday night I went to my friends house for a "girls night" and this is what I came home looking like-

pink curls, and pink swirls in my "mommy hair" bun!
and this is what it looks like if I wear it down
I am totally loving it!!!!
This morning when I was dropping Clowny Pants off at school, I leaned over to give him a kiss and the little girl standing next to him said "Your mommy has RED hair!" Clowny Pants corrected her and said "no, actually its PINK." well said Mr. Mohawk!
Come on...its not everyday you see a pink haired mommy dropping off a kid with a mohawk at school...
unless you go to our school! lol


yeah...I know its been a while since I blogged about clothes....
we moved and my full length mirror was left behind (glued to the door!) and I havent bought a new one so I havent been blogging. Plus do you really want to see my 2 month post partem body? Too bad. I dont want to see it! lol