Tuesday, March 11, 2008

my ROSS scores!

I was on a mission today- buy a dress to wear to my sister's wedding. Shoes too if I needed them.
I started at Ross. I hate that store. Its so disorganized, and very hit or miss. Either I find nothing I like, or tons that I like. Today was a HIT day!

Not only did I find a dress to wear to the wedding, but I found a dress to wear to church too, and shoes that go with both, some killer pedal pusher pants and a really cute top! Scooty Pants was so well behaved and Clowny Pants kept telling me how every dress I tried on looked so very nice. Except the one with the big polka dots...he said I looked like Minnie Mouse in that dress! lol
Here's the dress I bought for the wedding:
and the shoes
here's the other dress I bought:
$16.99 - I can wear this one to church
Then I found these pedal pushers:
I love the button closure

and this super cute yellow top- I can wear this to work OR church!


Kari said...

I think Stacy and Clinton would be very proud of those scores!!

Laura said...

Love it!!!