Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday-made my own bella band

hey look, Ive started dressing myself again lol
Truth be told morning sickness is still getting the best of me most days, so I havent been feeling well enough to post, but *most* days I get dressed, and sometimes I even wear cute stuff! I promise!

Here's today's outfit. I made this "bella band" myself, mostly because I have a long torso and have "pants issues"- no matter how long my shirt is, the ugly elastic maternity pants shows. And sometimes my crack shows. So as an apology to anyone who has to stand or walk behind me, I'm going to try to wear these as often as possible.

-black old navy tank
-maternity jeans from sears I think
-home made "bella band"
here's my 18w, 6d belly

I am modeling my "bella band". What the heck is that?! Its a camisol that I cut the straps off of and shoved down around my belly and over my "crack". Hey- it works! And its pretty comfy too! I left the built in bra in- the elastic helps it no slip down all weird...
camisole before....

and after.... that should help for a while- right? 21w, 1 day to go! I'm almost halfway there!

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Melissa said...

that is fabulous! I am a plus sized 20something mom, and I hate (HATE) most plus sized clothes and maternity clothes. The way I see it, if I can slip one of those bad boys down over my crack to cover that up, I can continue to shop in the regular womens department at Old Navy and that can cover what the pants don't. did you know they don't make size 16/18 womens jeans that cover up your butt any more? Interesting, isn't it? lol Thanks for a great idea!
oh, I followed your link from baby center!