Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I did it, I GOT DRESSED! and heck I even blogged about it!

Dear Readers who have long forgotten about me....

I have to apologize for letting life take over and not allowing me to blog.
I have lots of excuses, I just wont be sharing them. Ok maybe one, because it'll change the tone of my blog.

I have an announcement to make, readers. But since I cant find the words to express myself, I'll do it in a photo.
THIS is why I haven't been blogging.

please tell me you can see my can see that, right??

So my dear readers, my excuse is I haven't been feeling well enough to blog. Exhaustion, and nausea have kept me from making myself presentable, let alone feeling well enough to take a picture and show of the atrocious outfit I've concocted...(I am sad to admit that most days I look like I rolled out of bed...and yeah I think my children are embarrassed to be seen with me when I pick them up at school)

And now I have a new challenge...not to dress the body of a mom of 4...but for the next 6mo, to dress the body of a 20 something mom expecting her 5th child! YIKES!
Here is yesterday's attempt:
-brand new old navy long rib knit tank (got them back when they had their $4 sale! I got 4!)
-brown peasant skirt, result of a trade with my sister
I haven't gotten dressed yet today...if you're lucky maybe I'll get dressed and blog about it lol

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