Tuesday, December 2, 2008


NOTHING maternity today!!

-black top
-blue old navy layering tank
-levis jeans
-fuzzy boots
-3/4 sleeve jean jacket not pictured
(its a chilly 60 degrees here today!)

and my 22w bump NOT in maternity jeans! HEE HEE!
Weird, huh?! I've only gained 6lbs so far so I'm thinking its all baby...these jeans USED to be tight around my belly and buns though, so I dont get it!


Roxana said...

I too prefer to shop at Old Navy for nice maternity clothing.

Miss V. said...

all of the maternity clothes I have from Old Navy was gifted to me from a friend when she was moving away. I feel like Old Navy is really hit or miss with me. I have a long torso, and it seems like all their clothes are made for short people with short torsos- maternity being the WORST. I seem to have good luck with their maternity pants though!

Wait a second...did you just SPAM me?!

Megan said...

This is a turbo-cute outfit!!!