Monday, August 11, 2008

the great hair debate

I've been at a crossroads with my hair for months now.
Too long to really do anything with in this heat, but not ready to chop it off and donate it to locks of love. Remember this post back in June?

The last few days its been driving me crazy. I had it in a ponytail the other night when I was trying to sleep and I woke up with my hair trying to suffocate me- wrapped over my face and neck....and I happened to be dreaming about being attacked by an octopus! lol

Yesterday I had my sister come over and "trim" it- when it was all said and done- 5 inches later, it doesnt LOOK any different, but boy it sure feels good to have some of that length gone! You know what's sad? My husband couldnt even tell that I'd cut it. He took 1 look at it and said "are you SURE you cut 5 inches off?" Ummm....YEAH. Same with 3 of my neighbors!

Wanna know how we trimmed it? She had me wet it down, bend over, put a rubber band at the spot I wanted to chop it off and cut at the rubber band. Then she trimmed it straight accross to even things out while I was still leaning over. Then she had me stand up and flip it onto my back and voila- all these beautiful layers!

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Samantha said...

Very awesome idea! If I ever get the courage to cut my hair THAT is how I am going to do it.