Wednesday, June 18, 2008

to donate or not to donate- that is the question.....

About a year ago my sister talked me into growing my hair out for her wedding. She talked Sassy Pants into it too. Now that the wedding is over, Sassy and I are talking about donating our waist long tresses to Locks of Love.

At first I was really gung ho- ready to hit the salon and chop it all off. Go for something short and summery and be free of my daily ponytails and messy buns. Sassy Pants wasnt so sure about participating this time around (I've done it 2 other times). Then suddenly I saw pictures of my hair at the wedding and I want to keep my long pretty hair!

I'd love to hear opinions!!
Enjoy the long pretty hair while I have it or chop it off?
I know- I know...this blog entry is nothing without pictures!!

hmm....maybe I'll keep it a while...

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