Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday- Valentines Day

Its a Two Outfit day.
A what?

I have 2 part time jobs. Some mornings I babysit in my home, and every afternoon I work outside of the home at a daycare. Some days, like today, I wear "whatever" in the morning and then I "get dressed for work" later. My husband thinks its a total waste and that I shouldnt bother changing my clothes, but sometimes I like to look a little nicer, a little more professional when I'm at my real job. Plus on mornings I babysit or clean the house I like to wear clean clothes to work.

Here's my "whatever" outfit of the day:
-JcPenny St Johns Bay Jeans (cute pockets and boot cut are a must!) $15 on clearence 2 weeks ago (kicking myself for not buying a 2nd pair!)

-grey J.Crew hoodie (courtasy of my sister's school free pile)

-Merona purple t-shirt for an extra layer (75% off target find last year)

-pink "prima" crocs- I wear these a lot. (courtasy of my sister's free pile)

Here's the outfit I wore to work today:

-velvet riding jacket (thrift store find a good 10+ years ago)
-black baby doll tee (Ross clearence find!)
-creme cami w/pleats (target 75% off find)
-st johns bay jeans pictured above
-Roxy Skipper sneakers (I *HEART* these! and unfortnatly I paid a full $40 for these at Macy's)

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