Friday, February 29, 2008

a short wishlist

I went to JcPenny's the other day manned with a list of "try these on" from my sister. (She's getting married in June and is looking for a bridesmaid dress. Unsucessfully I might add. The main problem is none of us can wear strapless and that grosely limits our selection...I digress...)

And no, I was not dressed like a pirate! lol

As I walked in the store *this* caught my eye-

SO CUTE! (and very me)

When I was browsing the dress dept looking for the dresses on my list, these caught my eye:

LOVE this one. Kicking myself for not price checking it or trying it on! Very me! I may have to go back! Ok wait- first I'll look for it on
I thought this one was cute too, but that little jacket really doesnt do anything for me.
if you can't tell- my favorite color is yellow. I love yellow.
I tried on a handful of dresses and my sister didnt like any of them. Back to the drawing board.

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