Friday, June 12, 2009

new clothes!!

I just had a birthday, and my aunt and my mom gave me $$ and told me to spend it on new clothes...
well I just had a baby and since I didnt gain much weight, all my "fat" clothes (post Scooty, pre 10lb ish weight loss for my sister's wedding) mostly fit, but its always nice to have a few new things to get you through the summer...right?

Here are my birthday money scores:

my sister picked these out at kohls (all clearence...the tags are long gone but they were about $12 ea I think)

I love the back of this one!!

and then we found this at tjmaxx I want to say it was $14

jeans from target -$5!!! (clearence)
(and you know what, another mom at school was wearing these yesterday and they looked better on me because I have some junk in my trunk)
(a mom at school took this one of me- cute huh...HA! lol ...she's so sweet though, she said I'm the cutest mom she knows lol)
My mom and I hit Kohls last night (they had 90% off racks!)
and I got these:
these are everyday clothes

these are sunday clothes
this one I plan on wearing with the kahki skirt I bought with birthday money last year
(that I aparently never took a photo of?!)
this one I can wear with the black and white skirt above...


Botany Nerd said...

That shopping trip was super fun.

Miss V. said...

yes it was!