Saturday, May 24, 2008

I need to apologize

I'm sorry that my writings have been so...stupid lately.

Nothing horribly exciting. I havent shown my clothes for a while. I'm in a funk.
And I quit my job. Some days I dont even get dressed because I'm not going anywhere but the school and I dont even get out of the car unless I *have* to...
When I was working, I *had* to get dressed everyday and I *had* to look presentable.

I assure you that I shower everyday, and then I just throw on "whatever" and go on my merry way. And NO- "whatever" does not include pjs! Lately its been sweats, shorts or jeans...and usually not shoes.

and I'm ashamed to say it, but I'm sitting here in warm up pants typing this.

I feel like such a let down. A loser.

Maybe I'll get out of this aweful funk and start caring about clothes again. Until then, you'll have to put up with...well whatever I've been posting lately.

And FTR, I didnt quit my job because I wanted to, I did out of nessecity. Private family drama which hopefully will be sorted out in the next few months. I still babysit in my home, but I dont have to look nice for that ;)

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Sandi said...

My hubby gets frustrated with me because on my days off I look like a total slob. I never do anything to "prettify" myself and I only wear make-up at work. I do feel better about myself when I have nice clothes on - but oh, the effort! It's just too much!