Sunday, April 20, 2008

Shh...don't tell Sassy Pants...

Guess where these shorts came from?
I'll give you a hint. They're not new.
When they were new they were not purchased in the girls department.
Sassy has really really long legs and a very skinny waist/hips and its REALLY hard to find shorts that fit around that arent super short. Finding shorts that are appropriate for school is an ordeal and we havent found a SINGLE pair that will work. She's tried on so many shorts it makes my head spin.
Until last night. I was sorting through clothes that Clowny Pants had outgrown and a lighbulb went off in my head...I took these 3 pairs of shorts and asked Sassy to try them on. They could all totally pass as girls shorts!
So now I'm wondering...whats the difference between 3t boys shorts and 6xslim girls shorts?! The label aparently...
just dont tell Sassy or she wouldnt be caught dead in them! She thinks they're super cute and she also thinks I have a secret stash of clothes for her in my closet!


-Bridget said...

Ha ha! Very clever!

pam said...

that is funny!!!!